16 Apr 2010

Evernote Mixer

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As a big fan (read: addict) of Evernote I attended their first ever NYC mixer tonight. I managed to catch most of the panel discussion where the CEOs of Evernote, Meetup.com, and some filsharing site shared their insights about what competition means to high tech startups.

As a small business owner, and one who sees the future of voice overs aligned very closely with the growth of such Internet startups, I listened with interest. The CEO of Evernote said something particularly compelling about the greatest asset of the company being the brain power of the core builders and not to waste that asset over strategizing. Instead use that brain power resource to build the product your users will want.

If this review seems a little spotty it is because Evernote on my iPhone picked tonight of all nights to crash and burn every time I tried to start it up. I still love Evernote but there was a kind of beauty to missing that great quote because their program wouldn’t work at all–let alone how I wanted.

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