22 Sep 2010

What do you do for a living?

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Between meeting my wife’s family, catching up with old classmates and friends, or going to networking events, I get the question, “So, what do *you* do?” a lot these days. While *I* think my answer is pretty straightforward, “I’m a voice over artist,” most people smile, nod, and then get this glazed look when they start thinking about what that really means. Great discussions usually ensue, and I can’t say I mind that, but how I wish I could just play them this clip:

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This was put together by some members of SaVoa (that’s the Society of Accredited Voice-Over Actors/Artists). I think it does a great job of speaking for me, which really is what I do. For other people. The amazing thing is how ubiquitous voice-over is in our digital age and yet how quickly it slips into the background. A teacher of mine once described voice-over as any time you hear a voice without seeing the speakers lips move. How many times did that happen to you yesterday? None? Think a little harder. Did you use a GPS? Listen to the radio? A podcast? A YouTUBE video? Got someone’s voice mail box? Voices are all around us, so like so many things the voice we choose to represent our idea, tell or story, or welcome our clients is an important invisible in the user experience.

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