18 May 2011

7 Tips for On Hold Messages

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Photo by José Ramón de Lothlórien
I found these great tips for creating auto-attendant systems:

1. They are programmed by the company that provides the phone system; they must change the programming if you would like the Director to be Option 1 instead of option 2.
2. Keep it Simple – if you have more than 4 or 5 options you’re going to lose folks or force them to “press 0”.
3. Offer a “Press 0” option – remember the people calling you have or are trying to help you generate business
4. Commit to the options and keep them
5. The voice should be clear and accent free if possible – think mid-west accent
6. Professional voice artists are available to help you get a professional sound
7. Repeat the options twice or offer an option to replay the options!

AAC Blog

OK, some seem a little obvious but it is amazing how easy it is to make a menu more complex or to justify changing an option which throws off and frustrates a long term customer. Point #6 is of course something near and dear to my heart. AAC even has a link to an example of professional vs. just-someone-around-the-office recordings. I can’t say if its real or not but listening to them back-to-back it becomes clear which one I’d want representing my business!

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  1. Kathy Langfield says:

    Hi! thanks for referencing our site. We are now directing everyone to: http://www.accav.com/hold-marketing for our on-hold marketing services. Atlantic OnHold is still part of the company and still working to elevate the on hold message!

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