20 Jun 2013

Thunder Rise by G. Wayne Miller

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“Thunder Rise” a new audiobook written by G. Wayne Miller and narrated by Joel Richards

Audible has now released the audiobook version G. Wayne Miller’s Thunder Rise. The book takes place in a sleepy hollow of Berkshire county Massachusetts that is slowly torn apart by a mysterious disease. When the disease begins slowly sucking the life out of the children in town one man believes he knows the true cause, but will anyone believe him? An unlikely set of heroes must overcome personal differences and failings if they hope to save the children before the evil lurking under Thunder Rise escapes. Set in the shadow of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s G. Wayne Miller captures the latent fears and distrust of a generation emerging from the Cold War only to find themselves facing more insidious and faceless evils.

The audiobooks is available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.



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