01 Jan 2015

Happy New Year!

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Instead of resolutions this year that focus on things I’d like to fix, I was inspired by a friends blog post to reconsider the best ways that I can grow personally. Instead of growth that focuses on the negative, for 2015 I want to focus on the best parts of 2014 and think of ways that I can replicate and build on that success. Numerous studies of shown that we are happier and more successful overall if we focus on building our strengths instead of trying to overcome our weaknesses. Now clearly some issues/weaknesses need to be addressed in order for us to move forward (that’d we timely accounting and invoicing for me)but a lot of growth can best be served by appreciating what’s going well and building on that instead of focusing on the negative and looking around desperately for things to fix.

So what were the highlights of 2014? What were the things that I hope to build on or repeating 2015?

2014 was one of my most successful years financially. Almost all that is due to three key clients. Making a conscious effort to understand these client’s needs and build relationships was critical.

2014 was the first year that I did over 30 audiobooks and more importantly when I feel I really got a handle on the audiobook workflow.

With the help and support of family and friends I developed and performed a full length original story.

Family and friends were also a big highlight. Not only was our first child born but my wife and I made time for a number of small trips to visit family and friends. We even had some “unforgettable” garlic peach cobbler!

Photography is my third passion (following voice over and storytelling) and I created some of my favorite images last year.

Those are my “discoveries” of 2014. Next I’ll take these positive aspects and create a dream for 2015 and some plans to get there. In the meantime, what were your 2014 highlights? What strengths will you be building on in the new year?

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