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Get Rid of Your Horse!

Here’s a fun job I recently did for a client. My Vision Studios in NYC is one of my favorite clients. Not only do they bring a lot creativity energy to their niche but they’re genuinely great guys to work with. Hope you enjoy!

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I Am My Own Punchline

Last April Fool’s I blogged about a project I voiced that got mentioned in the New York Times. A friend read that post and thought it would be funny to download the app and then use the audio to “call myself”. Luckily he recorded the whole thing.
[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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I’m in the New York Times! (for an April Fools prank)

A strange mention about a strange–but absolutely fun project–Fake Conversations, an iPhone app that calls you and prompts you with strange responses to an imaginary conversation, got a favorable mention in the New York Times today. The article is about high tech pranking using your smart phone. I was hired to be the voice for […]

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