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“Holy Motors” or “My Life as a Voice-over Artist”

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. If you’re a voice-over talent and you haven’t seen the French surrealist film Holy Motors you should. Also, stop reading now because I’m about to let loose some spoilers.
The film is set in the near/alternate future and follows an actor around as […]

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7 Tips for On Hold Messages

Photo by José Ramón de LothlórienI found these great tips for creating auto-attendant systems:
1. They are programmed by the company that provides the phone system; they must change the programming if you would like the Director to be Option 1 instead of option 2.
2. Keep it Simple – if you have more than 4 or […]

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What do you do for a living?

Between meeting my wife’s family, catching up with old classmates and friends, or going to networking events, I get the question, “So, what do *you* do?” a lot these days. While *I* think my answer is pretty straightforward, “I’m a voice over artist,” most people smile, nod, and then get this glazed look when they […]

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Failure: The New Success


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“Knowledge gained from failure lasts longer”
–University of Colorado Business School Study

It may seems self-evident when we are sitting in a safe place surfing through cyberspace but a recent study completed by the University of Colorado’s Business School seems to confirm the common notion that organizations can learn more from failures than successes. […]

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That’s pruh . . . uh, proo . . . oh, geez

A quick guide for voice-over artists to different pronunciation guides on the internet.

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